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ECG’s Riser Management Services

Multi-tenant property managers and owners are beginning to understand, due to recent legislation, their building internal cabling system is the property of the building and their day to day management of their infrastructure fall to the building managers. ECG partners with owners and managers to help implement controls and standards of their riser systems while meeting and exceeding the needs of their tenants.

Our qualified technicians complete an extensive and thorough riser audit of the vertical infrastructure. Data is stored in our web-based ECG Solution. While acting as single point of contact and holding control over riser systems within NETPOP/MPOE, ECG will have the ability to update the data base on a real time basis. By continually updating the information we can address potential problems and quickly offer solutions as the demands of owners and tenants change.

When ECG manages a riser system the owner/manager of a building is in no way limiting the telecom and data services that their tenants require, they are simply ensuring that the delivery of these products and services is delivered in a consistent manner and that the process is managed for the benefit of the owner/manager and it’s tenants alike.

ECG Solution Details

ECG has developed a user friendly web-based Riser Management data base we call ECG Solution. All the building’s riser records are easily accessible on this website. ECG Solutions will be a valuable tool for building management, owners as well as ECG.

ECG Solution Reports

Riser Availability Report – Identifies all carrier and tenant equipment in each closet, pair counts, pairs per floor, available pairs and pairs in use. Identifies how much copper, fiber optic and coax runs through each closet. Document unusual conditions in the riser system.

Code Report – Includes violations per National Electrical Code (NEC) as well as the Fire and Electrical Inspector Codes.

NETPOP/MPOE Report – Identifies conditions within the NETPOP/MPOE, locations of all fiber cabinets, pair counts, available pairs and pairs in use. Documents all carrier/providers accessing building and their equipment. In addition, identifies existing “building owned” equipment.

Digital Photos – Viewable photos of each closet.

Service Ticket Tracking – Ability to track the status of all tenant services install and repair tickets as well as completed service tickets. Additionally, includes a detailed report of all work performed by ECG for each tenant enabling ECG to identify and remove abandoned cables upon tenant move out.
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